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Haswing Cayman Gen 1.6 Gps Trolling Motor Bow Mount 12V 55Lb 60" Shaft

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Take control of the water with the Haswing Cayman B Gen1.6 GPS Trolling Motor! Go hands-free and steer by remote, foot pedal, or even your smartphone! This versatile bow mount motor boasts a sleek, redesigned remote with a new full-speed button for ultimate control. Anchor Lock, Heading Lock, and even GPS navigation are just a tap away.


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The new Haswing Cayman B Gen1.6 GPS Trolling Motor is perfect if you require the versatility of guiding your motor via a wireless hand-held remote, remote foot pedal, or controlling it from your smart phone. This feature packed bow mount trolling motor come standard with a wireless hand control, sacrificial anode and encapsulated electronics.

Supplied standard with all the necessary stainless steel nuts and bolts to fit straight onto the boat, or option up with Haswing's Quick Release Plate with a foot print of just 120 x 200 mm when not in use. GPS smart navigation system and smart phone operation app is available for all 'GPS' models. Features an LED battery monitor.

Featuring a new Full Speed button on a redesigned, stylish wireless remote, Generation 1.6 ensures you have complete remote control of the engine including Anchor Lock, Heading Lock, Steer Left and Steer Right. When combined with the Helmsman App, the Gen 1.6 can also perform a host of other advanced features including Route To, Cruise Control and much more. With upgraded GPS for better accuracy and specifically designed for use in both salt and fresh water, the Cayman B is the perfect addition to your boat.

Helmsman APP (download from site) for Android or Apple devices

  • On/Off, Speed control, Full speed, Steer Left/Right, Anchor Lock, Jog Lock, Record and retrace route, GPS navigation, Cruise control, Heading Lock, Pairing.

Wireless remote (standard inclusion)

  • On/Off, Speed (Up/Down), Full speed, Steer Left/Right, Spot lock, Pairing.


  • Anchor lock function
  • Suits boats up to 6.5m
  • Helmsman app integration
  • Apple smart watch control
  • Manual stow/deploy
  • More accurate GPS for precise manoeuvring
  • Spot lock functionality
  • Spot lock feature on the wireless hand control
  • Comes standard with a wireless hand control, sacrificial anode and encapsulated electronics
  • GPS smart navigation system and smart phone operation app is available for all 'GPS' models
  • Features an LED battery monitor
  • Control: wireless remote, Helmsman app, Apple Smart Watch, wireless foot control
  • Trolling motor thrust: 55lb
  • Approx run time: 2 1/2 hrs (max speed) / 4 3/4 hrs (med speed) / 24 hrs (slow speed)

Sizing Guide: Measure the distance between where the motor will be mounted and the waterline, add 500mm to ascertain the minimum shaft length. If you regularly fish in rough water, we recommend adding 125mm to account for boat movement.

Bow to Waterline Height x Recommended Shaft Length

  • Up to 745mm 1370mm (54")
  • Up to 900mm1524mm (60")
  • Up to 1200mm1828mm (72")

Model: 50736G16

  • Max voltage: DC 12V
  • Depth adjustment: Depth Collar
  • Max thrust: 55lbs
  • Prop type: 3 blade prop 9.3inch diameter
  • Pro speed at full power: 1250 rpm underwater
  • Battery type: 1 x 105AH deep cycle
  • Max boat length and Load: 18ft
  • Steering ratio: 360-degree electric control
  • Power - Max: 660W
  • Amp - Max: 55A
  • Decibel level: 50db
  • Mount: Bow mount
  • Shaft style: Cast aluminium
  • Shaft length: 54" (137cm)

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