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The NZ Anglers Guide to Essential Boat Accessories in 2024

The NZ Anglers Guide to Essential Boat Accessories in 2024

The sun's staying out a bit longer, the whispers of summer breezes are in the air, and that familiar itch is back – it's time to get your boat summer-ready!

But before you set sail, let's take stock of your trusty vessel and ensure it's equipped to handle the adventures (and inevitable sunscreen battles) that await. Here's your guide to essential boat accessories that'll elevate your summer on the water, from smooth cruising to epic fishing expeditions.

Power Up for Precision Manoeuvres with a Trolling Motor:

  • Minn Kota's Legacy of Control: When it comes to trolling motors, Minn Kota is the name synonymous with reliability and whisper-quiet power. Whether you're navigating tight channels or stalking that elusive trophy fish, a Minn Kota trolling motor like the Endura C2 or Riptide Transom Mount will give you the precision and control you crave. And don't forget the Minn Kota Mount – a sturdy base that keeps your motor secure and ready for action.

Shield Your Sanctuary from the Sun with a Bimini Top:

  • Stainless Steel Bimini Tops – The real MVP: Let's face it, even hardened sea dogs want a break from the scorching sun. Enter the Stainless Steel Bimini Top, your personal oasis of shade. Picture yourself lounging in the cockpit, cold drink in hand, while the bimini's sleek and durable awning deflects the heat and glare. For extra versatility, consider a T Top for Boats, offering extended shade and even a platform for additional accessories like rod holders or rocket launchers.

Conquer your Catch with Confidence with a Pre-built or Custom Bait Station:

  • Live Bait Tanks – Keeping Your Catch Happy: Every avid fisherman knows the importance of fresh bait. That's where a Removable Live Bait Tank comes in. Opt for an Aluminium Live Bait Tank for its lightweight, corrosion-resistant properties, and watch your bait thrive while you navigate to the hottest fishing spots.
  • Haswing Trolling Motors – Your Silent Fishing Ally: New Zealand waters hold some legendary fish, and having the right tools to get you there is key. Introducing the Haswing Trolling Motor, your quiet partner in stalking that monster snapper. Available in options like the 24v or 55lb thrust, a Haswing motor offers power, portability, and the stealth you need to get the drop on your quarry.

Beyond the Basics:

Remember, these are just the anchors of your summer boating adventures. Don't hesitate to explore further with our 25mm Aluminium Tube for DIY projects, 25mm Stainless Steel Tube to replace damage Bimini tops or handrails at home and a Bimini Rocket Launcher for a touch of fishing swagger.

Building Your Summer Dream, One Accessory at a Time:

Most importantly, have fun! Choose accessories that fuel your passions, whether it's casting lines for the big one or simply cruising with your mates. Remember, every accessory adds another layer to your personal boating experience, making each trip on the water a unique and cherished memory.

The Final Cast:

As you gear up for summer, know that you're not alone. Whether you're a seasoned captain or a weekend warrior just starting out, companies like Mount Marine Fabrication understand your needs and offer high-quality products to match. So, raise the anchor, chart your course, and remember – the perfect summer on the water starts with the right gear and a boatload of enthusiasm. Let's make this summer one for the record books!

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