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Ski Poles & Frames


Maximize Your Fun on the Water with Custom Ski Poles & Frames.

We build custom ski poles and frames to suit your boat, your preferences and water activities. Our sturdy poles and frames provide support, letting you execute tricks and turns with ease. We use high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship for a durable and comfortable experience that lasts.

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Our high towing point is suitable for waterskiing, Wakeboarding and sea biscuit (tubing).

At Mount Marine Engineering, we're passionate about crafting exceptional boating experiences. Our dedication to quality and customization is evident in every Ski Pole & Frame we build.

Customize Your Ride: Bait stations, cup holders, rod holders – the possibilities are endless. We collaborate with you to create the perfect setup for your unique style.

Contact us today and let us design, build and install your Ski Pole or Frame!

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