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Yacht Arch - Davits


Bespoke Yacht Arches / Davits.

We build custom arches that seamlessly blend style and sustainability. Each arch is designed to match your boat's personality, boosting its beauty while harnessing the sun's energy for cleaner, onboard power. Enjoy maximized comfort, sleek hidden wiring, and effortless installation – all while enhancing your yacht's functionality.

Contact Mount Marine Engineering and let's design your perfect arch.

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Go beyond solar with additional features like:

  • Capture the wind's power with integrated wind generators (for supplementary power especially when sunshine is limited).
  • Store your dinghy with ease using secure, space-saving davits.
  • Effortlessly raise sails & equipment with smooth pulley systems.
  • Stay safe with compliant navigation lights and enhanced visibility from a mounted radar antenna.
  • Protect your hull and board with ease thanks to sturdy push pit rails.
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