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Minn Kota Trolling Motor Installation


Expert Trolling Motor Installation

Upgrade your boat with custom trolling motor installation in Tauranga! Mount Marine Engineering expertly installs Haswing, Minn Kota, MotorGuide & Garmin motors. We build custom frames & mounts for a perfect fit. Drop off your boat, we'll take care of the rest including electrical and batteries. Get a free quote today!

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Trolling Motor Buying Guide

Where are you mounting your motor?


Equipped with our most advanced features and a wide range of control options, these motors mount to the front of the boat with a bolt-on bracket, and pull it through the water for better maneuverability and control.


Mounts to the back of the boat with a clamp-on bracket and features hand/tiller control. Ideal for smaller boats, dinghies and canoes. Great for general positioning and standard trolling.


Keeps the deck clear by mounting to the cavitation plate of your outboard or inboard/outboard motor. No stowing or deploying required.

What size motor do you need?


Refers to how powerful the motor is. Boat weight is key when determining how much thrust you need. General rule of thumb: you need at least 2 lbs. of thrust for every 100 lbs. of fully-loaded boat weight (people and gear included). If things like wind or current are major factors where you fish, you’ll want a little extra thrust.


Indicates how much battery power your trolling motor requires. You’ll need 1 battery for every 12 volts in your trolling system. 55 lbs. of thrust or less = 12 volts, 1 battery 68-80 lbs. of thrust = 24 volts, 2 batteries 101-112 lbs. of thrust = 36 volts, 3 batteries

Shaft Length

Choosing the proper shaft length is important—if it’s too short, the prop won’t be sufficiently submerged. We recommend submerging the center of the motor section at least 12 inches. Click or tap below for a chart that’ll help you determine the length that’s best for your boat.

What technologies matter to you?


Uses GPS to lock onto fishing spots, record and retrace paths, command speed and steering, and more—all from a wireless remote with an LCD screen.

i-Pilot Link

Gives you all the features of i-Pilot, plus the ability to connect your Minn Kota trolling motor to your Humminbird fish finder for a fully-integrated fishing experience.

Universal Sonar 2

Get streamlined, interference-free sonar performance as the transducer and wiring run through the motor shaft to stay completely concealed and protected.


Allows you to stay on any heading you choose and your boat stays on course while your motor automatically corrects for wind, waves and current.

Digital Maximizer

Motors with Digital Maximizer draw only as much power as you need, so they don’t waste any energy.

Built-in Mega Imaging

With a Built-In MEGA Imaging transducer get the best images of what’s below delivered right to your Humminbird fish finder–with no cluttered wires, no clamps, and a transducer that’s fully protected.

What style motor is right for you?

Electric Steer Motors

Innovative and intuitive, these models offer more control options, along with positioning technologies such as i-Pilot and i-Pilot Link that let you spend less time messing with your boat and more time fishing.

Cable-steer Motors

Rugged and responsive, these models rely on a cable as the direct link between the foot pedal and the motor. Popular with bass fisherman, they also excel in shallow water by providing extra protection from things like weeds and stumps.

Hand Control Motors

Equipped with a tiller handle for responsive control, these models combine traditional steering with industry-leading Minn Kota technology to give you precise control and maneuverability.

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