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Mount Marine Engineering: Collaborating on the DeMey 60 Spaceship

Mount Marine Engineering: Collaborating on the DeMey 60 Spaceship

Mount Marine Engineering: Collaborating on the DeMey 60 Spaceship

Mount Marine Engineering, a leading name in superyacht fabrication, is proud to announce its collaboration with Nic de Mey Yachts on the construction of the DEMEY 60 SPACESHIP. This exciting project brings together Mount Marine Engineering's expertise in superyacht fabrication with Nic de Mey's renowned design and craftsmanship, promising a vessel that sets new standards for luxury and performance cruising.

The DEMEY 60 SPACESHIP: A Collaboration of Excellence

The DEMEY 60 SPACESHIP offers a semi-customizable design, catering to individual preferences while maintaining exceptional quality and performance. Advanced materials and construction techniques contribute to a spacious and meticulously designed layout, featuring four comfortable cabins and three distinct living areas. This thoughtful configuration prioritizes both relaxation and exploration, making it ideal for a variety of cruising aspirations.

Sustainability at the Forefront

Sustainability remains a key focus, seamlessly integrated into the design without compromising luxury. Innovative features minimize environmental impact, allowing owners to enjoy their time on the water with a clear conscience and minimal ecological footprint.

MMF's Commitment to Quality

MMF's extensive experience in superyacht fabrication ensures the highest quality standards are met throughout the construction process. By collaborating closely with the Nic de Mey team, every detail, from initial design to final touches, receives meticulous attention. This guarantees exceptional performance and unwavering reliability, characteristics hallmarking both companies.

The DEMEY 60 SPACESHIP Takes Shape

The DEMEY 60 SPACESHIP is currently taking shape in New Zealand. Those interested in following the project's progress can visit the Nic de Mey Yachts website:

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