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Steelhead Whisper Davit WD Series Cranes

Experience superior performance and quiet operation with the Steelhead Whisper Davit WD Series. These compact, lightweight davits offer effortless lifting and minimal deck space usage.

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  • Code: WD800L12 WD-800 800lb (364kg) Capacity 12V
  • Code: WD800L24 WD-800 800lb (364kg) capacity 24V
  • Code: WD1000L12 WD-1000 1000lb (455kg) Capacity 12V
  • Code: WD1000L24 WD-1000 1000lb (455kg) Capacity 24V

Effortlessly handle your tender or inflatable with the Steelhead Whisper Davit WD Series. These innovative davits are constructed with lightweight, high-strength materials for optimal performance without sacrificing deck space.

Steelhead's WD Series offers a winning combination of power and quiet operation. Featuring power luffing for effortless boom control and whisper-quiet linear winches, launching and retrieving your watercraft becomes a smooth and enjoyable experience. Additionally, these davits boast a remarkable 355-degree manual rotation, allowing for versatile positioning.

Steelhead prioritizes quality and durability in their WD Series cranes. Units are treated with ALEXSEAL yacht coatings for superior corrosion resistance, ensuring a long lifespan. For additional strength and safety, Amsteel blue synthetic line is used, boasting a 110% proof load capacity.

Lifting Capacity: 800lbs (364kg) or 1000lbs (455kg)

Voltage: 12V or 24V DC

Base: Standpipe or pedestal mount

Rotation: 355 degrees (manual)

Winch: Power luffing, linear design (quiet operation)

Line: Amsteel blue synthetic (proof tested to 110% capacity)

Finish: ALEXSEAL yacht coatings (corrosion resistant)

Customization: Custom color match available