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Betta CNFJ Lead Crystal Battery 12v 150Ah

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Compared to mainstream rechargeable industrial batteries, Lead Crystal Batteries always perform better due to their unique characteristics. they can be charged faster, charged below 0 degrees Celsius, discharged deeper (to 0 volt), discharged more often, used in a wider temperature range (-40 to +65) and be stored for 2 years without special handling. They require no special ventilation and cooling and offer the best value for money.


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Lead Crystal Batteries: Performance and Value You Can Depend On

Lead Crystal batteries stand out from the crowd with their exceptional performance and long-lasting life. Here's what makes them a smart choice:

  • Superior performance: Charge faster, discharge deeper, and cycle more often than traditional batteries. Recover to full capacity consistently.
  • Wider temperature range: Use in extreme temperatures (-40°C to +65°C) without worry.
  • Long lifespan: Up to 18 years in float service and 6000 charge/discharge cycles (20% depth of discharge).
  • Safer and cleaner: Less acid, no cadmium or antimony, and no leakage risk. Easy transport and classified as non-hazardous.
  • Versatile: Ideal for a wide range of applications, including telecoms, UPS, marine, renewable energy, and more.

Key Features:

  • Unique micro-porous AGM technology for superior absorption
  • Thick, high-purity plates for extended life
  • SiO2-based electrolyte that crystallizes for safety and easy transport
  • Up to 99% recyclable
  • Fast charging (up to 2x faster)
  • Excellent high-current discharge
  • 100% daily discharge and recovery
  • Long shelf life (2 years without refresh charge)

Betta Lead Crystal batteries offer the best value for money with their superior performance, long life, and safety features.

General Specifications (for 12V 150Ah model):

  • Dimensions: 241mm (H) x 486mm (L) x 170mm (W)
  • Weight: 45kg
  • Capacity: 150Ah (10 hour rate)
  • Internal resistance: 4mΩ
  • Max discharge current: 1500A (5S)

Betta CNFJ Lead Crystal Battery 12v 150Ah Data Sheet

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