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Betta CNFJ Lead Crystal Battery 12v 90Ah

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Betta CNFJ Lead Crystal Battery 12V 90Ah: Deep Discharge, Longer Life, Cleaner Choice.


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  • Deep discharge capable: Can be discharged to 0V without harm for extended cycles.
  • High cycle life: Up to 6000 cycles at 20% depth of discharge, exceeding conventional batteries.
  • Faster charging: Reaches full capacity twice as fast as traditional options.
  • Extreme temperature tolerant: Operates in -40°C to +65°C temperatures.


  • Micro-porous AGM technology: Absorbs electrolyte for spill resistance and safety.
  • High-purity lead calcium selenium plates: Extend battery life and withstand deep discharges.
  • SiO2 based electrolyte: Safe and solidifies for easy transport (non-hazardous).

Cleaner and Safer:

  • Reduced acid content: Minimizes environmental impact and risks.
  • No cadmium or antimony: Eliminates harmful materials for safer handling.
  • Up to 99% recyclable: Sustainable choice with minimal waste.


  • Telecoms and UPS systems
  • Petrochemical and marine environments
  • Defense and renewable energy sectors
  • Healthcare and manufacturing industries
  • Transportation and electric vehicles

Data Sheet:

  • Complete discharge current and end voltage specifications provided.
  • Detailed dimensions and weight listed.
  • Internal resistance, self-discharge rate, and maximum discharge current included.
  • Standard terminal type and recommended charging voltages specified.


This Betta Lead Crystal battery offers superior performance, extended life, and environmental benefits for diverse applications. Its advanced technology and reduced harmful materials make it a reliable and responsible choice.

Betta CNFJ Lead Crystal Battery 12v 90Ah Data Sheet

Note: The CNFJ/CNFT range of Betta Lead Crystal batteries must be charged at a minimum of 30% of the C10 rated capacity.

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