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Kilwell Dredge Boom BB (Ea)

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This Kilwell Dredge Boom Pole combines lightweight construction with strength and control for offshore dredging applications.


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This Kilwell Dredge Boom Pole, constructed with a lightweight yet strong 12K carbon blank and an ALPS 2-piece alloy bent butt with reel seat, offers adjustable positioning and durability for dredging.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and strong 12K carbon blank: Provides maneuverability without sacrificing strength.
  • 2-piece ALPS alloy bent butt: Offers adjustability for optimal dredge placement.
  • Reel seat: Accommodates both electric and manual reels.
  • Tip pulley and double eyebolt system: Facilitates smooth line travel and minimizes friction, while the double eyebolt design maximizes control and power transfer during dredging.
  • Double purchase rigging: Designed for use with a second pulley on the dredge for increased pulling power and control. (Rigging instructions included)
  • Support cord/cable eyebolt: Provides a dedicated attachment point for a support cord/cable (sold separately) to prevent rod holder damage under heavy drag.
  • Kilwell Limited Lifetime Warranty: Ensures peace of mind for your investment.
  • Made in New Zealand: Built with high-quality materials and craftsmanship for lasting performance.

Note: Although the pole is lightweight, the immense drag created by the dredge necessitates the use of a support cord/cable (not included) to protect your rod holder.

This dredge boom pole is ideal for anglers who demand a reliable and adaptable tool for their offshore fishing expeditions.


  • Material: ALPS 2-piece Alloy Bent Butt, 12K carbon boom
  • Warranty: Kilwell Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in: New Zealand


  • Reel Seat: Accommodates both electric and manual reels
  • Tip Pulley: Smooths line travel and reduces friction
  • Double Eyebolt System: Enables double purchase for improved control and power transfer
  • Rigging: Designed for use with a second pulley on the dredge for double purchase (rig instructions included)
  • Support Cord/Cable Eyebolt: Dedicated attachment point for support cord/cable (sold separately)
  • Double Purchase: Yes

Additional Information:

  • Suitable for: Demanding offshore dredging applications
  • Note: Support cord/cable required (not included) to prevent rod holder damage

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