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Kilwell Outriggers – Drop-in

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Kilwell Drop-In Outriggers offer easy installation and removal with spigot fit for SOB42 bases, available in various materials (fiberglass, 12K/3K carbon) for different weight and stiffness needs. Rigging kits sold separately.


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** Kilwell Drop-In Outriggers are designed to be used with the SOB42 Kilwell Slimline outrigger bases**

These Outrigger poles have a spigot fitting at the base which are a perfect fit to slide inside the base tube, so they can slide in and out for easier storage.

Supplied as outrigger blanks only – Rigging kits are sold seperately

Available in black fibreglass spiraflex, black 12K carbon fibre or black 3K carbon fibre finish.

———————————————— Powerpole Outriggers Spiraflex: ————————————————

BLANKPP42 – Kilwell NZ Outrigger 40.8 mm diameter Blank 4.6m 1 (Ea) BLANKPP42C – Kilwell NZ Outrigger 40.8 mm diameter Blank 4.6m 12K (Ea)

Spigot O/D; 40.8mm. Butt O/D; 47mm. Tip O/D; 22mm

The PP42 blank is factory fitted with a 42mm spigot, to make a flush fit into Kilwell SOB42 Slimline Outrigger bases.

Available in black Spiraflex. Powerpole Spiraflex outriggers are approximately 25% lighter than Longreach outriggers.

These outriggers are sold per EACH.

————————————————– Powerpole Outriggers 12K & 3K Carbon: ————————————————–

KPP1601C – Kilwell NZ Outriggers 4.6m / 16′ Stiff 12K Carbon Drop-In (pr) KPP1902SL – Kilwell NZ Outriggers 5.8m Stiff 3K 2pce Drop-in (pr)

Powerpole 12K carbon outriggers are approximately 40% lighter than Longreach outriggers. Powerpole 3K SL carbon outriggers are approximately 40% lighter than 12K Carbon outriggers (incl the extension)

KPP1601C – length is 4.6m with an optional 1.5m or 2.5m spigot extension available to take them to 6.1m or 7.1m accordingly. (see below under Extension Kits) The extension uses a flush fit spigot joint, which can be left as a friction fit, but can be glued in place if necessary.

KPP1902SL – length is 5.8m with tappered finish and comes in 2 pieces. These outriggers use a flush fit spigot joint, which can be left as a friction fit, but can be glued in place if necessary.

Both these models are fitted with 316SS Eye Bolt line guides and “Spear Tips” at the top of the rigger to prevent the lines wrapping over the tip and becoming tangled.

These outriggers are sold per PAIR.

—————————- Stiffy Riggers —————————

KSR150412K – Kilwell Stiffyrigger 4.5m / 15′ Telescopic 12K Carbon Drop-In 4pc (pr)

Kilwell Stiffy Riggers are made using carbon fibre multi-piece telescopic blanks, designed to be compact but highly functional. Being made with carbon fibre means these outriggers are lighter and very stiff compared to fiberglass or aluminium poles.

Stiff outriggers give a crisper release when a lure is struck and prevent the lures “tumbling” in a rough sea. Nylon cam-locks lock the riggers into the ideal length as required. At the end of the day the riggers are short enough to be stowed away in your cabin or side pockets.

The multiple stainless halyard eyes mean you can run several lures in different positions off either side of your boat. Complete telescoping poles with nylon camlocks and stainless halyard eyes fitted.

These outrgigers are sold per PAIR.

—————————————————- Extension Kits for 12K outriggers: —————————————————-

Extension to fit KPP1601C only

PP42CEXT1.5 – Kilwell NZ Outrigger 1.5m 12K Carbon Drop-In Extension 40.8 mm(Ea) PP42CEXT2.5 – Kilwell NZ Outrigger 2.5m 12K Carbon Drop-In Extension 40.8mm (Ea)

The extension poles fit into the bases using a carbon fibre spigot and are a snug friction fit inside the Kilwell Slimline bases with no glue required.

The Outrigger poles in turn spigot neatly inside the extensions to give a near seamless flush fit. For a permanent fix the poles can be glued together with epoxy.

Like all Kilwell branded products these have a Kilwell Limited Lifetime Warranty.

** Outrigger bases are SOLD SEPARATELY **

Outside diameter of the butt end spigot is 41mm, to fit inside the 42mm S/S tube of SOB42 – Kilwell Slimline Outrigger bases

** Cord rigging, AFTCO release clips and bungy cords are sold separately **

KORK1 – Kilwell Outrigger Rig Kit – with Rubber Snubber (pr)
AORKOR1 – AFTCO Outrigger Rig Kit – Roller Troller OR1 (pr)
AORKOC1 – AFTCO Outrigger Rig Kit – Goldfinger OC1 (pr)
KILRUBSNUB – Kilwell Outrigger Rubber Tensioner (Pk2)

Most of our products will arrive on your doorstep with full instructions for installation. Perfect for a home DIY.

If you're in Tauranga, our knowledgeable technicians can assemble your purchase at our Mount Maunganui workshop. Contact us for a quote today.

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