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Kilwell Outriggers – with Bent Base

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$749.99 - $1,779.00
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Designed primarily for walk arounds or small boats, to fit straight into your existing rod holders or
preferably a rocket launcher, as the higher you can mount these riggers, the better they will work.


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Mount Marine Engineering offers the Kilwell Outriggers – with Bent Base, a convenient solution to maximize your fishing spread on walkarounds and small boats. These easy-to-install outriggers drop right into your existing rod holders or rocket launcher, providing a cost-effective way to cover more water and catch more fish.

Key features:

  • Drop-in bent base: Mounts effortlessly in rod holders or rocket launchers, no drilling needed.
  • Increased fishing coverage: Expands your lure placement for wider coverage and improved catch rates.
  • Multiple options: Choose from one-piece or telescopic models for flexibility and compact storage.
  • Standard or carbon construction: Select affordable fiberglass or stiffer, lighter carbon for your preferences.
  • Pre-rigged or unrigged: Opt for convenience with pre-rigged models or customize your setup with unrigged carbon.
  • Durable construction: Stainless steel hardware ensures lasting performance.
  • Made in New Zealand: Backed by Kilwell's Limited Lifetime Warranty for peace of mind.

Specific advantages:

  • Higher mounting: Position your outriggers on a rocket launcher for optimal lure presentation and release.
  • Carbon models: Enjoy increased stiffness and reduced fold-back when using heavier lures.
  • Telescopic options: Store your outriggers conveniently when not in use.

The Carbon models are much stiffer than standard riggers and will resist fold back when towing larger lures.

Sold as a pair.

Available in one piece, or telescopic options.

Standard models; Pre-Rigged with cord and Aftco Goldfinger release clips

  • KBBO1201 Kilwell NZ Outriggers 3.6m (12′) 1pce BB (pr)
  • KBBO1202T Kilwell NZ Outriggers 3.6m (12′) 2pc Telescopic BB (pr)

Carbon Models; Un-rigged

  • KBBO1202C Kilwell NZ Outriggers 3.6m (12′) Stiff Carbon BB 2pc (pr)
  • KSR1203BB Kilwell Stiffyriggers 3.6m (12′) Stiff 3pc Telescopic BB (pr)
  • KSR1503BB Kilwell Stiffyriggers 4.5m (15′) Stiff 3pc Telescopic BB (pr)
  • KBBO1602C Kilwell NZ Outriggers 4.6m (16′) Stiff 12K Carbon BB 2pc (pr)
  • KBBO1601C Kilwell NZ Outriggers 4.6m (16′) Stiff 12K Carbon BB (pr)

These outriggers are supplied fitted with Stainless Bent Base and tip hardware,
but will need to be rigged to suit your boat.

** AFTCO release clips and rubber snubbers are sold separately **

Rigging Kits;

  • KORK1 Kilwell Outrigger Rig Kit – with Rubber Snubber (pr)
  • AORKOR1 AFTCO Outrigger Rig Kit – Roller Troller OR1 (pr)
  • AORKOC1 AFTCO Outrigger Rig Kit – Goldfinger OC1 (pr)
  • KILRUBSNUB Kilwell Outrigger Rubber Tensioner (pk2)

Made in New Zealand, and like all Kilwell Branded products have a Kilwell Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Most of our products will arrive on your doorstep with full instructions for installation. Perfect for a home DIY.

If you're in Tauranga, our knowledgeable technicians can assemble your purchase at our Mount Maunganui workshop. Contact us for a quote today.

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