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Mastervolt MV AGM Series Battery 12/55

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In AGM batteries, the electrolyte (mixture of water and sulphuric acid) is largely absorbed in glass fibre. This type of battery is entirely maintenance-free and there is no gas formation with normal use. Not requiring any ventilation, AGM batteries can be installed anywhere.


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  • Maintenance-free: No gassing during normal use
  • High discharge rate: Ideal for starting engines and other high-current applications
  • Long lifespan: Thicker plates extend life compared to flooded lead-acid batteries
  • Versatile: Compatible with standard battery terminals, suitable for medium cycling use
  • Warranty: 2 years


  • Easy installation: Doesn't require ventilation
  • Safe operation: Sealed design minimizes risk of leaks
  • Reduced maintenance: Eliminates need for electrolyte topping or watering
  • Powerful starting: Delivers high initial power surge
  • Durable: Extended lifespan reduces replacement costs


  • Automotive starting batteries
  • Marine and RV applications
  • Emergency power systems
  • Solar energy storage
  • Off-grid applications

Technical Description of AGM 12/55 Battery

  • Type: Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM)
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Capacity: 55Ah (C20 discharge)
  • Max charge current: 15.3A
  • Terminals: M6
  • Dimensions: 257x132x200mm (with handles, excluding terminals)
  • Weight: 17kg

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