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Universal Sonar 2 Adapters

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Universal Sonar 2 delivers streamlined, interference-free sonar performance and DualBeam PLUS technology for the best view of the waters below. These adapters connect your motor to your favourite brand of sonar or fishfinder with waterproof connectors.

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Universal Sonar 2: Streamlined Performance and Wide Compatibility

The Universal Sonar 2 is designed for anglers seeking superior fish-finding capabilities with minimal setup hassle. Here's what sets it apart:

Enhanced Sonar Performance:

  • Streamlined design: Minimizes interference for clearer, more accurate sonar readings.
  • DualBeam PLUS technology: Delivers detailed bottom information and target separation, allowing you to pinpoint fish effectively.

Versatile Compatibility:

  • Connects to various brands: Adapters are available for most major fishfinder and sonar models, enabling you to use your preferred equipment.
  • Waterproof connectors: Ensure reliable connections and worry-free operation in any weather conditions.

Additional Features:

  • Integrated transducer: Eliminates the need for a separate transducer mount, simplifying installation.
  • Protected wiring: Runs inside the motor shaft for enhanced durability and snag resistance.


  • 602935 - Humminbird Mega Di Adaptor Helix
  • 7602936 - Humminbird Mega Di Adaptor Helix 8, 9, 10,
  • 12602957 - Adapter Cable Humminbird ONIX MKR-US2-
  • 13602959 - Humminbird US2 Adaptor MKR-US2-
  • 8602961 - Garmin US2 Adaptor MKR-US2-
  • 1602962 - Lowrance US2 Adapt 6 Pin MKR-US2-
  • 9602963 - Lowrance US2 Adapt Blue Plug MKR-US2-
  • 10602965 - Garmin Echo US2 Adaptor MKR-US22-
  • 12602966 - Garmin US2 Adapt 8 Pin MKR-US2-
  • 14602971 - US2 Extension Cable MKR-US2-11

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