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Side Mount Nylon 32mm

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The Oceansouth Side Mount Nylon 32mm for T-Tops is made out of Reinforced Nylon. This means it has better dimensional stability, and creep resistance. This side mount suits a 32mm tube.


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Oceansouth Side Mount Nylon 32mm for T-Tops: Engineered for Stability and Support

This side mount, designed specifically for T-Tops, utilizes reinforced nylon for superior performance. This material offers two key advantages:

  • Enhanced Dimensional Stability: Compared to standard nylon, the reinforced formulation maintains its shape and size more effectively, even under load or in varying temperatures. This minimizes warping or deformation, ensuring a secure and reliable connection for your T-Top.
  • Improved Creep Resistance: Over time, even minor pressure can cause materials to slowly deform. The reinforced nylon in this side mount exhibits exceptional resistance to creep, ensuring long-lasting stability and preventing unwanted movement or loosening.

Key Features:

  • Material: Reinforced Nylon
  • Enhanced Dimensional Stability
  • Improved Creep Resistance
  • Perfect Fit for 32mm Tubes

Ideal for:

  • Securing T-Tops on boats and marine vessels
  • Providing strong and stable support
  • Maintaining long-term structural integrity

Choose the Oceansouth Side Mount Nylon 32mm for your T-Top and experience the combination of strength, reliability, and durability.

Specifically Designed for 32mm Tubes: This side mount is manufactured to perfectly fit tubes with a diameter of 32mm. This precise fit provides optimal grip and eliminates the risk of play or instability.

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