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Telescopic Boat Cover Support Pole Kit

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The Oceansouth Telescopic Boat Cover Support Pole Kit extends the life of your cover by eliminating water pooling and debris collecting on the cover. It features the Top and Base solid wheel design which reduces skidding or movement of pole.


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Oceansouth Telescopic Boat Cover Support Pole Kit


  • Eliminates water pooling and debris: The telescopic poles support the cover, reducing pooling and preventing debris accumulation, which can damage the cover and your boat.
  • Stable design: The solid wheel design at the top and base of the poles minimizes skidding and movement, ensuring the cover stays secure even in windy conditions.
  • Durable materials: Marine-grade polymer components and a bright-dipped aluminum pole resist corrosion and ensure long-lasting performance.
  • Easy installation: The telescoping poles and webbing straps allow for quick and simple setup and adjustment.
  • Secure attachment: 25mm (1 inch) webbing straps connect the top wheel to the front and rear of the boat, providing additional stability and security.


  • Protects your boat cover from damage caused by water and debris.
  • Extends the life of your boat cover.
  • Provides additional stability and security for your boat cover.
  • Easy to install and adjust.

This kit is a valuable addition for any boat owner who wants to protect their investment and keep their boat cover looking its best.

  • Widely compatible: Designed for boats up to 24 feet (7.1 meters), making it suitable for a variety of boat sizes.

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