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Universal Mount Nylon 32mm

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The Oceansouth Universal Mount Nylon for T-Tops is made out of Reinforced Nylon. This means it has better dimensional stability, and creep resistance. This Universal mount suits a 32mm tube.


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Oceansouth Universal Mount Nylon for T-Tops: Strong, Stable, and Versatile

This Oceansouth Universal Mount for T-Tops is crafted from reinforced nylon, offering several key advantages over other materials:

  • Dimensional stability: Reinforced nylon maintains its shape and size exceptionally well, even under high temperatures or constant use. This minimizes warping or deformation, ensuring the mount reliably holds your T-Top accessories in place.
  • Creep resistance: Unlike some plastics, reinforced nylon exhibits minimal "creep" or gradual deformation under sustained load. This translates to a secure and lasting hold for your T-Top equipment, preventing unwanted movement or loosening over time.
  • Lightweight: Despite its robust construction, reinforced nylon is surprisingly lightweight, reducing the overall weight of your T-Top setup. This is particularly beneficial for smaller boats where weight management is crucial.

Additional key features:

  • Durable construction: Built to withstand harsh marine environments, the reinforced nylon is resistant to corrosion, UV rays, and saltwater.
  • Easy installation: The mount features a simple design for quick and hassle-free attachment to your T-Top tubing.
  • Clean aesthetics: The sleek black finish blends seamlessly with most T-Top styles, maintaining a clean and modern look.
  • Versatility: This universal mount accommodates 32mm tubing, fitting a wide range of T-Top sizes and styles. From rod holders and cup holders to lights and antennas, you have the flexibility to customize your T-Top experience.

Most of our products will arrive on your doorstep with full instructions for installation. Perfect for a home DIY.

If you're in Tauranga, our knowledgeable technicians can assemble your purchase at our Mount Maunganui workshop. Contact us for a quote today.

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